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cao, qxa, q3, tsy, oh, 2f, cb, g, tsg, qds, a1, noe, vcs, 100, Ross – Event

Ross Event was designed to offer you a full service, in which the art of celebration refers.

Our specialists in planning, organizing and coordinating social events, responds to our customer
highest demands, at an unbeatable price in the market.



Exclusive services and innovative products, of the highest quality, totally at your disposal for each event details, covering all your expectations and needs.

All you need for a perfect event.


Setting the trend in the market, Latin Ballroom offers the best place for your event full of
style, art and elegance.

The quality of our services, infrastructure and our professional team, come together to
produce the most amazing event for you and your guests.



Wonderful place, elegant linens, exquisite food, sophisticated decor and unique desserts.






One-on-one advice consulting about any of our services you are interested.
Get in touch and one of our expert team members will contact you within 24 hours.


2757 S. Garland Av. Garland TX 75041
Adrian Ross: 214.869.4857
Sergio Mendoza: 214.603.7431